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The Lady or The Tiger?

A short point-and click quest with logical puzzles.
This game was initially created for a games jam. I took a book of logical puzzles by Raymond Smullyan as a source and adapted some of them for point-and-click gameplay format.
I made up some new characters and wrote some stories and quests for them, thus making four different endings of the game, depending on who you help.
I scripted the game logic using a visual tool. I also did the text localization. 
My friends helped me with graphics and music.
This game is sort of a tribute to the point-and click classics and was heavily inspired by Torin's Passage, King's Quest series, Full Throttle, The Neverhood and others that I used to play when I was a kid.



Sept 2015 - May 2016



eAdventure game engine, Photoshop

My activities

  • Project documentation

  • Gameplay scripting

  • Level design

  • Characters, story and dialogues writing

  • Localization

  • Trailer direction


  • Released the game for free on

(~30-40 min. of gameplay)

  • Got some nice letsplays and reviews in indie press

  • Showcased the game on two events:

    • DevGamm Moscow 2016

    •  GameDevWeekend Novosibirsk 2016


Game Trailer

Two playing modes

Play Quest

You find yourself in prison in some castle.

  • Learn what happened and get out by talking with the castle inhabitants and helping them (or not) with their problems.

  • Several endings (about 4) depending on who you help.

  • About 15-20 minutes of gameplay.

Play Logic

Who is behind the door - a charming lady or a hungry tiger?

  • Solve seven logical puzzles with increasing difficulty.

  • Read the instructions carefully.

  • About 15-20 minutes of gameplay.


Project groups

  • Black Vkontakte Icon


Indie Press and player reviews

Good old fairy tale "princess will marry anyone, ANYONE" plot...

- iwanPlays

What a brain teaser. I liked your game a lot.

- JonboyGames

Though short, The Lady or the Tiger? is a fun, weird little game that will appeal to anyone with a noggin for riddles and a bleak sense of humour.

- doradorabobora

This game is quite interesting for a barebones version... it has surprisingly large amounts of content (and good dialogue too), though it doesn't give that appearance at first.


I don't see too many of these games, probably because of the lack of hard gameplay, but this one kept me interested. Good job!

- avitron142

I like games that do have some meaning and share some valuable information with the player. Gaming is one of the most natural learning processes and I hope to master making the most of it in the future.

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