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A first-person sci-fi exploreACTION game about responsibility, time experiments and dealing with their consequences. Langoliers meet Serious Sam with science.
As a Game Designer I did the balancing, UI prototyping, part of the story writing and text localization. I tried to add some narrative elements and did the voice-over of the in-game lore materials with an automated speech tool Ivona Reader. I also took on community management and posted in our social groups.
The game drew inspiration from time-travel themed sci-fi classics of literature and films, like The Langoliers and Back to the Future, as well as modern movies like Rick and Morty series. Games mechanics were inspired by Hal-Life, Serious Sam, and story-driven walking simulators.
Unfortunately, this project is currently suspended (or more likely, just stuck frozen in time).



Jan 2017 - May 2017



Unity3D, Photoshop, IVONA Reader

My activities

  • Project documentation

  • In-engine gameplay building and tweaking

  • UI prototyping

  • Locations, story and tutorials writing

  • Localization

  • Balance (items, interactive objects)

  • Trailer Direction

  • In-game and Trailer voice over with IVONA Reader

  • Community management


  • Built an alpha core gameplay version

(1 level, ~30 min. of gameplay)

  • Got some indie press reviews

  • Showcased the game on several events

    • GameDevCityFest Novosibirsk 2017​

    • Pop Corn Festivel Novosibirsk 2017

    • DevGamm Moscow 2017



You play as a talented, but irresponsible physicist. Due to a failure experiment you are stuck in frozen time, in your home lab at your family farmhouse.

You have just 3 hours until the surrounding space-time collapses and you, as well as the fractured world around you, will cease to exist.

  • Defend yourself and the lab equipment from hostile waves of Time Keepers.

  • Craft upgrades for your weapons and useful scientific stuff.

  • And finally - fix the Temporal Reactor to get the time running again and escape the endless death-and-rebirth cycle.

It’s about time!


Project groups

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Game Trailer

Download demo

Indie Press and player reviews

Once you get to grips with it About Time is a great game though, that offers a nice mixture of old school FPS combat, exploration, crafting and weird time bending oddity. A unique FPS adventure well worth spending some (frozen) time with.

- Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

Главные проблемы истории — одиночество в современном обществе при несоответствии его канонам и личный перфекционизм, отнимающий у человека право на ошибку, обесценивающий все полезное, что он сделал.

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